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Car Trouble? Trust AAMCO of San Antonio North To Fix It

Automotive repairs are a fact of life. Even the most highly-rated sedan or raved-about SUV requires some care from time to time. The challenge is sifting through all the options available to motorists and selecting a team to fix it. AAMCO of San Antonio North provides full-service auto repairs to San Antonio, TX customers. Engines and transmissions are no problem for us, and neither are belts, hoses, and battery replacements. We handle large-scale repairs and routine maintenance with equal skill. We handle everything that comes our way. Most importantly, we offer honest and speedy service.

Small-Town Auto Repair Services with National Resources


AAMCO of San Antonio North is a small-town company supported by a national chain’s resources. Customer service is priority number one. We train our technicians extensively and continuously to keep up with auto maintenance trends. But our company also provides friendly service to everyone. Automobiles are complicated machines. We are proud of our ability to explain problems carefully. We back our repairs with a comprehensive warranty and offer generous financing plans to help defray costs.

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We Combine Expertise with Technological Savvy

The keys to our sterling reputation are our technicians and their willingness to embrace diagnostic tools to troubleshoot during repairs. Computers power every modern car. The modern technician must adjust their processes. At AAMCO of San Antonio North, we harness computerized technology to save our customers money and solve problems. For instance, rather than disassembling components and tinkering with your engine or transmission to diagnose the problem, we let our diagnostic systems find trouble codes. Then, we cross-reference them against past repairs to similar vehicles.


Payment Plans with No Credit Check

Transmission Repairs San Antonio, TX Motorists Can Count On

AAMCO of San Antonio North wants you to understand transmission repairs aren’t the end of the world. In our technicians’ hands, repairing them is cheaper, faster, and more efficient than anywhere else. Transmission repair is where we built our reputation. Every day, we enhance our legacy for honest and affordable service by utilizing money-saving diagnostics to troubleshoot and repair transmissions. We want our customers to understand there are ways to pay for repairs only instead of a full-scale replacement:

  • If It Slips, Bring It In: Transmission slipping refers to when the car seems to shift gears even when the driver maintains a steady speed. The moment this happens, visit our shop.
  • Don’t Ignore Loud Noises: Strange noises should not blast from under your vehicle’s hood. Addressing this issue can differentiate between transmission repairs and replacement.
  • Never Settle for Rough Shifting: Vehicles should change from gear to gear seamlessly. When transmissions begin to falter, they often start shifting roughly or lag. Neither symptom is one to ignore.


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Comprehensive Auto Repairs Crossing Broad Categories

Numerous things can go wrong with a vehicle. Exhaust systems fail all the time, but is it the exhaust manifold or the catalytic converter? We figure it out and implement a fix. The same goes for belts and hoses, two critical parts that crack and degrade over time. Our technicians understand how to troubleshoot problems in the engine, no matter the car’s make, model, or country of origin. Is that check engine light on frequently? There might not be a problem with the engine. Sometimes, the electronics fail. Auto repairs encompass a vast array of categories and tasks. Perhaps the most important is the preventative service: engine tune-ups. We’ll systematically check every aspect of your engine and replace any worn or broken parts.

Auto Repairs Are Important: We Help Customers Afford Them

AAMCO of San Antonio North honors its commitment to customer service in more than one way. While it is always important to provide friendly service and take care of a vehicle, being accommodating is crucial. Auto repairs can become expensive, especially if we repair the transmission or engine. Fortunately, we offer financing packages designed to spread the payment over months. But we also offer coupons to help our customers afford our services.  If you have any questions about our shop, feel free to contact us today.

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AAMCO Transmissions & Total Car Care, Northwest Loop 410, San Antonio, TX, USA