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The Best Oil Change Services in San Antonio

Why Do I Need an Oil Change?

The main purpose of motor oil—also called engine oil—is to lubricate the moving parts of an internal combustion engine and eliminate friction. Engine friction is problematic because it creates more heat in a machine that already generates high temperatures, and because it gradually wears down the engine’s parts. Both these scenarios can lead to an engine that no longer works, at which point the minor inconvenience of an oil change becomes the major hassle of needing major repairs.

Along with its main purpose, motor oil fulfills several others, including:

  • Cooling the engine by absorbing and moving heat away from its pistons
  • Preventing the formation of sludge
  • Nullifying corrosive acids that build up from fuel injection
  • Increasing the seal around the pistons

All this makes it clear that an oil change is one of the most essential aspects of vehicle maintenance. Fortunately, it’s also one of the easiest since it can be completed in less than an hour under normal circumstances. Regular oil changes extend the life of your engine while improving its efficiency, which makes up a large part of any auto repair and maintenance schedule.

Oil Change

How Do I Choose the Right Motor Oil?

Choosing the right motor oil is generally a matter of deciding which features are necessary for your own driving needs. This decision may come down to getting the most features with consideration to your budget, or you might drive a car that requires a specific type of oil.

Viscosity measures how well a given liquid maintains its composition under extreme circumstances. With motor oil, these extremes are the heat generated by a typical combustion engine, though it must also account for extreme cold. Viscosity (index) can be seen as the most basic measure of the oil’s quality, so expect to pay more for oils with higher viscosity.

Oil quality can also be expressed as “oil film strength,” which is another measure of how well oil maintains its form under pressure. This measurement pertains more to the physical pressure of the moving pistons rather than the heat, but it has similar importance to viscosity in terms of measuring oil quality. High-end motor oils will contain additional chemicals like detergents that help with secondary tasks like removing sludge and acids, and manufacturers will use them to highlight benefits like “sludge protection.”

How Often Do I Need an Oil Change?

Many external factors can affect how often your vehicle requires an oil change. For example, actions that make your engine work harder like starting and stopping a lot will place more wear on the oil. A vehicle that operates in city traffic with lots of stoplights and a long commute will probably need more oil change services than a car that makes cross-state deliveries using open roads.

The frequency of oil changes also depends on the type of oil you use. Considering the quality difference between standard motor oils and those considered high-end, more expensive synthetic oils can last twice as long as the conventional types. Older vehicles require more frequent oil changes than newer models, which benefit from advances in engine construction and improvements of modern oils.  Quality auto shops like your local AAMCO provide this type of useful information on consultation.

One-stop Oil Change Services in San Antonio

An oil change should be a quick and easy operation. AAMCO of San Antonio North meets these standards with filter changes and diagnostic readings that keep your engine running smoothly for the next several thousand miles.  Schedule an appointment with us today to find out if you’re due for an oil change.

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