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Expert Exhaust System Inspection and Repair at AAMCO of San Antonio North

What Does an Exhaust System Do?

Car exhaust systems are created to lower the engine’s noise output, and to move gas emissions from the engine out of the exhaust pipe and away from the places people sit. This process happens in the exhaust manifold, which takes the noxious fumes produced by the engine’s cylinders.

A device called a catalytic converter changes deadly carbon monoxide into much less toxic carbon dioxide and water vapors. These gases are passed through a muffler and out of the tailpipe without harming the driver and passengers. Many exhaust systems will also contain a device called a resonator, which lessens vibration to eliminate rattling.

Emission sensors will monitor all of these processes to make sure harmful gases are being converted. Unfavorable readings are usually expressed by the “check engine” display. If you’re seeing a check engine display, feel free to schedule an appointment with AAMCO of San Antonio North today. We’ll even find the source of what’s triggering the check engine light for free the first time if you present the coupon found here.

Why Do I Need Exhaust System Service?

Exhaust system inspection and repair is often overlooked as a part of vehicle maintenance, losing out to more pressing concerns. However, some drivers might be considering only the obvious problems with a faulty exhaust, while overlooking deeper implications. These are the reasons you might want to consider placing exhaust system service higher on your to-do list:

  • A loud engine and/or tailpipe are the most obvious signs and symptoms of a malfunctioning exhaust system. The vehicle itself will also rattle more as the engine chokes, making each ride even less comfortable.
  • A faulty exhaust system can reduce the vehicle’s overall fuel efficiency. This fact makes the problem a recurring hit on your finances, and it can really add up if you have a long daily commute or work as a driver. Decreased fuel efficiency is really the result of lowered power output from the engine, which also makes the car slower.
  • One of the most vital functions of an exhaust is to filter harmful gasses away from the vehicle’s cabin. Occupants may begin to smell the nauseating spoiled-egg smell that comes from lingering gases. It’s not hard to imagine the potential risk of inhaling toxic engine fumes during every drive.

An exhaust system problem is three-fold, since it can negatively impact your daily peace of mind, your bank account, and your health. That’s to say nothing of the harmful effects of carbon monoxide emissions on the environment.

Improving engine efficiency is the real long-term incentive, though, since it means you’ll avoid the complications mentioned above. Any operation that tunes up your engine also extends the lifetime of the vehicle itself.

What Causes Exhaust System Malfunction?

Exhaust System Malfunction

Exhaust system problems can result from several different factors, many of which affect other components and cause more damage in the long-term. These are the usual root causes of an exhaust system malfunction:

  • Exhaust leaks occur when a broken surface in the exhaust system allows its fluids to get in places they shouldn’t.
  • Damage to the catalytic converter interrupts the process by which carbon monoxide is converted to less harmful gasses.
  • Exhaust pipes that have broken off from their supports can drag on the ground, causing further damage.
  • A broken sensor will provide false data on carbon monoxide or oxygen levels throughout the vehicle.

Exhaust System Inspection

Like the rest of the vehicle, exhaust systems should be inspected at regular intervals to avoid any surprises when you submit to an official state-sanctioned inspection. Most exhaust system inspections consist of visual examination of its parts, as well as a straightforward emissions test to assess its functionality.

Contact Us for The Best Exhaust Systems Repair in San Antonio

AAMCO of San Antonio North follows the highest standard of exhaust systems repair. We keep your vehicle running quietly and free of harmful gases by performing comprehensive diagnostics and expert repair. Contact us to schedule an appointment today!

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